Sunday, October 11, 2009

Χέρτα Μίλερ: Το φετινό Νόμπελ

Απόσπασμα από εργο της Χέρτα Μίλερ, που πήρε φέτος το Νόμπελ Λογοτεχνιας.
Δεν ειχα διαβασει τιποτα δικό της, διαβασα το σκεπτικό της επιτροπής και το πρώτο κείμενο της που βρηκα δεν με εξεπληξε. Ισως πλεον η επιτροπή των Νομπελ θα πρέπει να προσγειωθεί στη λογοτεχνία του 21ου αιώνα.

Around the war memorial are roses. They form a thicket. So overgrown that they suffocate the grass. Their blooms are white, rolled tight like paper. They rustle. Dawn is breaking. Soon it will be day.

Every morning, as he cycles alone along the road to the mill, Windisch counts the day. In front of the war memorial he counts the years. By the first poplar tree beyond it, where he always hits the same pot hole, he counts the days. And in the evening, when Windisch locks up the mill, he counts the years and the days once again.

He can see the small white roses, the war memorial and the poplar tree from far away. And when it is foggy, the white of the roses and the white of the stone is close in front of him as he rises. Windisch rides on. Windisch's face is damp, and he rides till he's there. Twice the thorns on the rose thicket were bare and the weeds underneath were rusty. Twice the poplar was so bare that its wood almost split. Twice there was snow on the paths.

Windisch counts two years by the war memorial and two hundred and twenty-one days in the pot hole by the poplar.

Every day when Windisch is jolted by the pot hole, he thinks, "The end is here." Since Windisch made the decision to emigrate, he sees the end everywhere in the village. And time standing still for those who want to stay. And Windisch sees that the night watchman will stay beyond the end.

And after Windisch has counted two hundred and twenty-one days and the pot hole has jolted him, he gets off for the first time. He leans the bicycle against the poplar tree. His steps are loud. Wild pigeons flutter out of the churchyard. They are as grey as the light. Only the noise makes them different.

© Herta Muller, Martin Chalmers. Reproduced with the kind permission of Serpent's Tail.

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